Introducing Backpack Buddy Armor™ Insert for ballistic protection for children and teachers

Backpack Buddy Armor™

Level IIIA Bullet Proof Protection for Children and Teachers

BACKPACK BUDDY ARMOR™ Level IIIA Bullet Proof Protection


The Backpack Buddy Armor™ Insert is designed to protect our children and teachers in schools, on their way to school, and on their way home by providing a very affordable and effective defensive protection that is lightweight, easy to carry, inconspicuous and stops the most common gunshot bullets we face today.

The Backpack Buddy LEVEL IIIA Armor™ Insert is designed to be used in our children’s and teacher’s backpacks and carry bags. The Backpack Buddy Armor™ Insert is a soft material that conforms to the backpack shape, and is tested to National Institute of Justice NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA for protection against the most common bullets used in crime and killing today. Police use this NIJ Level IIIA protection daily in their soft body armor vest. Our children and teachers will now have the same level of protection as police.

Level IIIA Bullet Proof Protection for kids


Easy Install


Ballistic Protection


Conforms to Shape of Backpack

Installs In Seconds


Three Sizes - Fits Backpacks,
Carry Bags, Gym Bags, Briefcases


Available in Blue, Grey and Black

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How To Use Your Backpack Buddy Protected Backpack In An Emergency

The Backpack Buddy Armor Insert inside your backpack, carry bag, or briefcase gives you bullet proof protection by turning your backpack into your bulletproof shield. It is that easy. The Backpack Buddy Armor™ insert is wrapped in a water resistant durable outer cover and has 2 hook & loop strips sewn onto one side of the insert. Simply measure the inside back panel of your backpack, select the largest size Backpack Buddy Armor™ Insert that fits within your measurements, slide the insert into the backpack until it rests on the bottom of the backpack, tilt the insert forward, remove the tape over the adhesive strip on the hook & loop fastener and press firmly. That’s it, you are now protecting yourself and your children.

Put the backpack on your back, hold it in front of you, crouch down behind it or lay on the floor behind it. Protect yourself until help arrives or you can get to safety. Don’t be a victim, protect yourself.

Level IIIA bullet proof backpack insert shown from back standing position
Level IIIA bullet proof backpack insert shown from front standing position
Level IIIA bullet proof backpack insert shown from crouch floor position
Level IIIA bullet proof backpack insert shown from kneeling position

BackpackBuddy Armor™ FAQ

What threats does your BackpackBuddy Armor™ products protect against?

Our BackpackBuddy Armor™ products are designed and manufactured to protect the user against NIJ Level IIIA threats. All of BackpackBuddy Armor™ products are constructed from the same materials as tested and validated by H.P. White Laboratory, one of the most well-known and respected test facilities in the USA.

How do I use my backpack, bag, or briefcase after I insert my BackpackBuddy Armor™ panel?

Your BackpackBuddy Armor™ is your shield.

If facing the threat – hold the BackpackBuddy Armor™ backpack, bag or briefcase between yourself and the threat using the straps as handles or gripping the sides firmly. Use it as a shield to provide cover for your upper torso and head to protect most of your vital organs.

If you have to take shelter – use the BackpackBuddy Armor™ protected bag to protect yourself by continuing to hold it in the direction of the threat and crouching down directly behind the backpack, bag or briefcase.

If you are running away – wear the BackpackBuddy Armor™ backpack on your back and duck your head downward leaning slightly forward, or hold the bag or briefcase high on your upper back or in the direction of the threat to protect your head and upper torso again to protect your vital organs.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Many of our BackpackBuddy Armor™ products are in stock and can ship within 2 business days of receipt of your order.  If we are temporarily out of an item please allow 7-21 business days for us to ship. All ballistic protection products and materials, whether manufactured by us or any other company, have an industry standard expiration of 5 years, therefore we maintain small inventory and quickly manufacture to replenish product inventory. We take pride in our products and in delivering the highest quality to our customers, and we certainly appreciate your understanding if a product is temporarily out of stock.

Can I order a customized panel?

Yes. Our BackpackBuddy Armor™ panels can be produced in virtually any shape or size. Our inserts can be made to fit any compartments, tactical bags, backpacks, luggage, cases and more. You can measure or make a template of the insert size and send it to us. We will manufacture your insert exactly to your drawing and/or dimensions for you. Please contact us prior to sending templates to discuss your project needs. We will quote prices and require a deposit on custom size orders

Can I bring my BackpackBuddy Armor™ insert on an airplane?

Yes, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not prohibit transportation of any BackpackBuddy Armor™ products.

How do I clean my BackpackBuddy Armor™ product?

Remove the BackpackBuddy Armor™ panel from the backpack and clean it with a slightly damp cloth. The outer cover is very durable and waterproof, protecting the ballistic material.  Do not open or remove the outer cover, doing so will void any product warranty.

Can I test shoot my product?

No, you should not test shoot any ballistic protection product. Once the BackpackBuddy Armor™ product has been hit by a bullet it must be replaced to offer 100% maximum protection. If you have any questions or concerns about your product, please contact us.

Do your products protect against rifle rounds?

No. Most rifle round threats require NIJ Level III or NIJ Level IV protection. Level III & IV are a different material and construction, and is significantly heavier and difficult for daily carry.  You cannot achieve Level III or IV protection by using multi Level IIIA panels, this will not stop a rifle projectile.  Our BackpackBuddy Armor™ panel inserts are tested and pass NIJ Level IIIA requirements

Are your products knife resistant?

All BackpackBuddy Armor™ panels use aramid fiber which is inherently knife or cut resistant, but they are not tested to meet any knife, stab or cut resistance standards therefore we do not list this attribute.

Who can legally purchase and own a BackpackBuddy Armor™ product?

Anyone can own our BackpackBuddy Armor™ products except the following: Convicted felons may not be in possession of any body armor. Connecticut residents require a face-to-face transaction when buying (unless the buyer is a police officer, a police department, or member of the military). If you are a CT resident, we will ship your BackpackBuddy Armor™ product to a BackpackBuddy Armor™ dealer in Connecticut.  If you are a convicted felon or CT resident please list this on your purchase with us.

Don't Wait for Laws To Change That Criminals Don't Follow

When it’s raining outside do you call congress and ask them to change the weather? No, you grab your raincoat and umbrella and go on your way. When it is snowing you put on your boots and gloves, your winter coat and go outside. You protect yourself. So protect yourself, put the Backpack Buddy Armor™ Insert in your briefcase and backpack, now you have protection. If you find yourself in an active shooter situation whether in school, in any building, or on any street, Backpack Buddy will allow you to protect yourself. Don’t wait for help, protect yourself and loved ones. You can cover critical body area and survive the situation, without it you are victim to the situation. Don’t be a victim, protect yourself.

A school bag full of books can be effective against many bullets, but you cannot count on your child’s backpack being loaded with enough books all the time. Don’t take a chance, use the Backpack Buddy Armor™ Insert and KNOW your loved one is protected.