Who We Are

About BHP Armor

BHP Armor is PA based USA company that combines high performance textile & composite technology with related film/resin processes. We develop and produce specialist materials with specific properties for impact and ballistic resistant applications. Protective materials for Civilian and Military applications, and strong, lightweight materials in soft body armor and hard armor are good examples of these, as are materials that defeat various threat level for applications like Aramid XP™ for ballistic resistant products.

What We Do

BHP Armor is an advanced material solutions company whose product lines encompass applications for the composite, ballistic and protective markets. Its growth strategies are based on developing technologically advanced solutions for world-wide customers, including fiber reinforcements, fiber resin matrix & laminates, coating adhesives and core materials. BHP produces the high value products; performance vs cost for clients advanced materials solutions. The typical product is based with Aramid fibers known as Aramid XP™.

BHP Armor designs, develops, and produces specialty ballistic textiles that are used in protective, engineered products, and composites. It offers Aramid XP™, a para-aramid unidirectional material for hard armor ballistic applications; Aramid XP™, a para-aramid unidirectional material for soft armor ballistic applications; coated and laminated fabrics; fabrics for various end use applications, including armor plate spall liner, hard armor shield and blankets. The company also provides performance products for protective applications, including soft body armor, hard and vehicle armor, helmets, and other protective application.

What Can BHP Armor Do For You?

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