BHP Armor Applications

BHP Armor product lines encompass applications for the composite, ballistic, protective markets and more.


BHP Armor Aramid XP™ Uni-Directional (UD) para-Aramid fabrics are used in a wide spectrum of ballistic protection applications. Such fabrics combine para-Aramid fibers in a flexible thermoplastic film matrix with adhesive that is capable of absorbing and dispersing high impact energy, such as energy from rifle shots. The para-aramid fiber is lightweight and extraordinarily strong, with 5 times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis.


The UD para-aramid material is the most popular solution for soft ballistic vests where it catches the bullet in a multilayer web of UD fabrics. Different UD para-Aramid fabrics are tailored to specific threats; different layers in the pack have different tasks ranging from engaging a fast-moving projectile or fragment, helping to stop the blunted bullet or protecting from stab threats. Soft armor panels made from e Venture UD para-Aramid fabrics allow law enforcement and military officers to reduce weight and at the same time offer better protection capabilities in various kinds of situations.


One of the challenges in helmet manufacturing is getting high level performance while reducing helmet weight. With Aramid XP(TM), helmets can be customized based on threat level protection, desired thickness, and desired weight.


BHP Armor Aramid XP ™ can be used in a wide variety of vehicle armors ranging from light tactical vehicle armor to aircraft and boat combat armor. Armor can be customized based on threat level protection, thickness, and weight.


BHP Armor Aramid XP™ is a popular solution for hard armor plates. Typically 10in x 12in, hard armor plates can be tailored to specific threats, such as Level III or Level IV rifle shots. Hard armor plates made with Aramid XP™ can be customised based on threat level protection, desired thickness, and desired weight.


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