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We are a leading manufacturer of advanced composites.

About BHP Armor

BHP Armor is PA based USA company that combines high performance textile & composite technology with related film/resin processes. We develop and produce specialist materials with specific properties for impact and ballistic resistant applications.

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01.Ballistics Protection

BHP Armor Aramid XP™ Uni-Directional (UD) para-Aramid fabrics are used in a wide spectrum of ballistic protection applications. Such fabrics combine para-Aramid fibers in a flexible thermoplastic… [Learn More]


One of the challenges in helmet manufacturing is getting high level performance while reducing helmet weight. With Aramid XP, helmets can be customized based on threat… [Learn More]

02.Soft & Hard Body Armor

The UD para-aramid material is the most popular solution for soft ballistic vests where it catches the bullet in a multilayer web of UD fabrics. Different UD para-Aramid fabrics are tailored to specific threats… [Learn More]

04.Vehicle Armor

BHP Armor Aramid XP ™ can be used in a wide variety of vehicle armors ranging from light tactical vehicle armor to aircraft and boat combat armor. Armor can be customized based on… [Learn More]

Aramid XP™ Composites

Aramid XP™ is an advanced para-aramid unidirectional material for soft and hard armor ballistic applications.

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